Friday, July 8, 2016

New Additions!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of two new birds to the Duck Squad, that were given to us on the fourth of July! We have named them Big Bird and Dante. 

Dante, we are told, is supposed to be a mallard. As for Big Bird, no one knows for sure what she is. The people that gave her to us said they thought she was probably a goose.

They each definitely have their own different personalities.

 Big Bird has the sweetest personality and is very calm. She also loves to cuddle and snuggle up next to you. We have to be very careful with her though because she came to us with a hurt leg and limps when she walks. She is already doing much better because when she first came to us she struggled with every step she took. 

Now Dante, on the other hand, is a completely different story. By the attitude of this duck, we think it is going to end up being a drake. When we first received him, he tried to attack us and was even attacking the pillow case that we had put in the cage for them to sleep in. After being here a few days now, He is starting to warm up to us more and more. You can tell he really does miss his mother and it really is sad to watch. One of our other ducks named Moonbeam, we think, may look like Dante's mom, because when we do let him out to run around Dante follows Moonbeam everywhere. Moonbeam will nudge it and knock Dante over with her beak but Dante continues following her. It absolutely drives Moonbeam crazy...hehe.

 I truly and really do hope that the three ducks we have will accept them because they are the cutest little creatures on the planet and I love them so much already.

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