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Crypt Keeper - The Molly Madison Series (Book 1) by Kate Young

Crypt Keeper - Molly Madison Series (Book 1) by Kate Young

I had a friend of mine who kept telling me that I should check out Kate Young's books. What I mean to say is that she nagged me to death until I relented to read at least one book from her. You see, I read 1 to 3 books a day and my TBR (To Be Read) pile is already a huge pile so I didn't want to add any more to it until it dwindled down some. Being the type of person I am, I ending up saying that I would and I am very glad that I did!

Crypt Keeper is the first book in the Molly Madison series and as you can see I gave it 5 turtles out of 5! I loved that this book was action packed and had a Paranormal feel to it. Molly the main character has always been able to see and speak with the dead but never knew why that was until her father died and her whole world got turned upside down and now she has hellhounds and other creatures after her and is the new crypt keeper.

The thing that I loved the most was the humor in Crypt Keeper.The way Molly speaks is marvelous and truly had me laughing out loud. I seriously thought it was hilarious what Molly calls her stepmother. 

If it's romance you are looking for in a book then it will delight you to know that there is also an enthralling love triangle between Damon, Molly, and Levi that will keep you guessing from one minute to the next on who she will choose! 

As you can probably tell, I will be buying the rest of the series so that I can be caught up when or if a new one comes out! In my opinion, this book is definitely a must-read!

By the way, she also has a new series coming out!  

Dark Craving - The Mona Michael Series (Book 1) by Kate Young

It’s a new era where a vampire, werewolf, warrior and those of sorcery all reside in one community. Mona, the adopted daughter of Elise Michaels has always been dutifully obedient even into adulthood. 

As new information regarding her birth comes to light, ghouls created by a faction of rogue sorcerers are discovered as they seek to destroy all supernaturals except for Mona. As suspicions regarding her loyalty arise, she must learn to navigate life by her own set of rules. Amid the pandemonium, she is drawn to the vampire Tyrant, son of Torch and a sorcerer from the rogue faction. 

Torn between loyalty and passion, Mona must strike treacherous bargains and make desperate pacts to save the supernatural community from utter destruction. To whom will she turn when her dark craving becomes necessary for her mere survival? 

If you would like to order either of the two books the link is at the bottom of the page & for a limited time the Crypt Keeper is free!

A little bit of info about this amazing author from

Kate Young

Kate Young writes paranormal, fantasy, Southern sassy mysteries and chick lit. Her fantasy books are dark, edgy and sexy with a strong female lead for adults. In these, you will get an ample dose of action, sarcasm and steamy moments along with a dash of humor. Her Southern sassy reads will make you literally laugh out loud as you try to figure out whodunit. Also available is a chick lit comedy series co-written with Julie Bromley for New Adults.

Whether you’re in the mood for hot and spicy or uncontrollable laughter, we’ve got you covered. What are you waiting for? Your escape awaits...

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