Thursday, July 21, 2016

Our Very First Duck Egg!

Our First Duck Egg!

Today marks the very first day of our Duck Squad adventures! When we went to feed and change out pool water, we found this amazingly beautiful duck egg!

My son went to pick up the egg and Moonbeam, my mallard, went crazy! She didn't want him to mess with it at all! He didn't want to upset the poor thing, so he gave the egg back to her. She nuzzled it around some, checking it out like a little mother hen checking to make sure he didn't do any damage to it, and then proceeded to lay on it. She was all fluffed up and so proud of herself, as well as she should be! 

As far as we know, her eggs aren't fertilized so when she decided that she was through laying on it and didn't return for a while, we snatched it right up to add to our chicken eggs to carry into the house for the day. We are hopeful that the duck eggs will be yummy goodness!

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