Thursday, June 30, 2016

Our Duck Squad

Our Duck Squad consists of three ducks (Hopefully more soon! That is, if I can get away with it..hehe) with their own distinct personalities! Their names are Goofy Cotton, Moonbeam, and Starlight. 

We actually had bought Goofy Cotton which is a Crested Peking duck and another duck named Flippers at Tractor Supply. Flippers is no longer with us because he was strangled by a snake and unfortunately died  when he was about a month old.

 We bought Moonbeam a Mallard and Starlight an Indian Runner at a feed store and they were living in horrible conditions. We felt very sorry for them, they had colds and were caked in their own feces and mud. I would have bought every single duck they had if I could have afforded it but in the end, we just came home with the two.

Be prepared for many Duck Squad adventures, as I am going to share them with you! Check out the little video below, it's the whole squad playing in the water sprinkler!

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